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Come and discover The Animals of Light, an extraordinary journey into the pristine nature of the animal park “Terres de Nataé.” Immerse yourself in a magical world where animals come to life in the form of luminous sculptures! When night falls, the magic happens: immense artistic structures light up to reveal the splendor of biodiversity and all the animal species we protect. 

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Magic Light 2023 – 1001 Night

Halle(Saale), Germany

At the end of this year, a brand new exhibition is coming to Halle (Saale), which was once again designed exclusively for the Bergzoo – this time under the motto “1001 Nights”.  The famous Scheherazade will take you into the world of the Orient with popular stories, such as those of the sailor Sinbad, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aladdin with the Genie out of the Bottle and many more. Visit this event from 2023-12-19 to 2024-03-02.

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65th anniversary of Tiergarten Kleve

Kleve, Germany

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary year of the Kleve Zoo, China Lights will thrill Kleve for the first time from February 10 to March 30, 2024! Look forward to Chinese lantern art, which brings exotic ambiance to the Lower Rhine using thousands of LEDs. Illuminated animals, mystical creatures, and Chinese dragons await you daily from 6-9 PM.

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