Illuminating Innovation  – The Magic of Stockton Festival

In the heart of Stockton, an extraordinary and magical event unfolded. This not only captivated the senses, but also showcased a new pinnacle in technological artistry

Bringing Nature Closer through the Marvel of Simulated Animals

Technology and nature have been able to converge in the creation of educational marvels in the form of simulated animals.

Navigating Through Complexity – A Project Management Odyssey

In our journey through the dynamic realm of light festivals, we’ve encountered myriad challenges, each serving as a stepping stone towards mastering the art of problem-solving.

Illuminating challenges with bright solutions

We are problem-solvers, storytellers, and builders of bridges between generations. Continue reading this blog post for a few examples where our resilience and innovation shone brightly.

Enchanting festivals of light

As the 2023 evenings grow longer, winter sets in, and Christmas is around the corner, China Lighting Festival once again presents various wonderful light festival across Europe.

China Light turns planckendael zoo into a luminous insect paradise this winter

Time and again, the artists of China Light manage to amaze their audience with dazzling exhibitions featuring the most beautiful creations.