China Light: the magical collaboration with Antwerp Zoo

The cooperation between Antwerp Zoo and China Light has been going on for almost 10 years now. Reason enough to look back on the wonderful years of working together, organizing events, and creating the most beautiful things. Kathleen Moorthamer, Brand Manager of Antwerp Zoo talks to us about the past decade.

“The team of China Light has been great. We have been working with them since 2013 and it is a pleasure to work with them. They are professional, even under the tough conditions of the pandemic they offer an excellent service. They are very flexible and hands on. China light has a proven track record in Europe as well: they offer reliable quality and constantly try to improve.”

Inspired by improvement

That constant urge to develop and improve is something that really defines China Light. This is also reflected in the installations. Where other, similar, organizations stop at ordinary lantern works, China Light takes it to the next level. For instance, take the interactive installations such as the Moonlight Swing or the interactive portable LED dance floor. Nothing is beyond the imagination of the artists and inventors. “I think you can safely say that China Light has created the best light festivals in Europe. They are able to translate a concept into a great design, tailored to our parks and producing a great visitor experience.”

Magical trees

The question which installation impressed Kathleen Moorthamer the most is a difficult one: “Hard to choose! Together with China Light Festival, we have made amazing things, from dinosaurs to fairy-tale princesses. If I must choose, I think the wishing tree that I helped to design is really great. A beautiful visitor experience where the viewer could press a button, make a wish and have all the butterflies change color. Magical!”

A bright future

China Light has already done a lot of good for the Antwerp Zoo. Moorthamer hopes they will continue to do so in the future: “The events had a big impact on our revenue, but providing a magical experience also connects our visitors to us in an emotional way. They create new cosy memories with their loved ones in our ZOO. What better way to keep your visitors close to your brand? We expect China Light Festival to keep improving their festivals by introducing new techniques and more interactivity. I hope they will continue to reinvent themselves as they have done so far, getting better every year and giving visitors a better experience every year.”