Mini-mondes en voie d’illumination: a fantastic journey through unknown worlds

Wouldn’t it be exciting for once to dive into a world that is still almost completely unknown to many people? The kind of world for which we as humans are almost too big to discover everything with the naked eye. What if we said you have the opportunity to find out all about these tiny worlds. Come to the Jardin des Plantes in Paris and go on a journey into the wonderful world of tiny creatures. From mites and fleas to even bacteria and viruses.

An unprecedentedly important role

You might be wondering where this magnificent journey through all kinds of worlds will take you all. For that, we need to zoom in on things way smaller than ourselves. The fact that these creatures are smaller does not make them any less important in any way. Often microscopic species play a major role within ecosystems. Think, for instance, of plant reproduction through pollination, the regulation of populations through predation or the recycling of organic matter. Because we cannot see them, we often forget about them. That is why they are in the spotlight during this China Light event.

Magnified millions of times

For some events, China Light’s artists get to work with real one-to-one scale models. Think dinosaurs or whales, for example. For this event, however, things are completely different. Now the artists have to magnify some creatures millions of times. This will give visitors the unique opportunity to discover these organisms in the sharpest detail. Discover familiar species like millipedes, sowbugs, and glowworms, but also more mysterious ones like springtails and the surprising water bears.

China Light’s contribution

The installations of all the creatures you will see have been designed in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and are produced by China Light Festival. The Sichuan-based creative company honours ancient tradition with a modern approach. Thus, they create breathtaking and educationally worthy events. This while these original installations are all lit with energy-efficient Led lamps, the museum is also committed to energy conservation. This year’s opening hours will result in energy savings of 20% compared to last year.

From 14 November, all curious visitors can immerse themselves in Mini-mondes en voie d’illumination in the Jardin des Plantes and enjoy hundreds of sculptures in a beautiful setting. Check out the video here.