The customized designs of China Light bring their entourage to life

The artists of China Light are working hard to create the most beautiful and diverse works of art. From life-sized dinosaurs to mystical underwater creatures. The process starts at the drawing board and is translated into colossal structures with an eye for the smallest detail. We take you through some of the most beautiful customized designs of China Light.

Illuminated Ocean in 2019

During the Illuminated Ocean event at Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris, visitors entered the wonderful world of the ocean. The artists of China Light proved with this event that you do not need a bottle of oxygen to dive into the depths of the sea. They simply brought the mystical water world to the surface in the form of various installations and let the visitors fall from one surprise to another. Take, for example, the gigantic octopus, which was designed and created with an amazing eye for detail. The artists show time and again that they can amaze people with their art.

Illuminated Evolution in 2021

Travelling through time is unfortunately not yet possible, but the men of China Light show that you can come very close to this feeling. With the Illuminated Evolution event, once again at Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, visitors made a real journey through the various eras that the earth has known. Complex designs and high-level craftsmanship were used to create an exciting educational journey at the event site. From the extraordinary creatures of the Precambrian to the organisms that lived in the Cretaceous.

The gate of Antwerp Zoo

The long-standing collaboration between China Light and Antwerp Zoo has resulted in countless brilliant installations. What immediately catches the eye is the enchanting gate, which takes on a different form every year. It represents the entrance into a truly magical world. China Light has had the honour of transforming Antwerp Zoo into a paradise of light for the past four years, which also means that the gate has had a different successful design every year.