The magical Lantern Festival

Our modern take on a centuries-old tradition

Imagine a night sky illuminated with myriad colors, telling tales that span thousands of years. Such festivals have profound cultural significance, uniting communities and filling the air with light and warmth. At the heart of this tradition are feelings of hope and joy. At China Light Festival, we capture this essence in our festivals and give it a modern twist.

Lanterns: From origins to present

 The celebration of the lantern festival began during the Han Dynasty. During this period, paper and silk lanterns were lit to ward off evil spirits and attract blessings and prosperity for the coming year. Additionally, lanterns were used to write and share riddles, resulting in much shared joy and laughter.


The designs, colors, and techniques have evolved over time. Today’s lanterns at the lantern festival are not only made of silk and paper but also have iron components that enable the tradition to be showcased in even grander ways. This presents us with both a challenge and delight. Our mission? To preserve the soul of the traditional lantern festival while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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Bringing light into a new era

We believe in the fusion of tradition and modern
capabilities. Thus, our starting point is the traditional lantern, but we blend
it with contemporary themes and bring it to life using advanced lighting
techniques. The outcome? A festival experience that’s both familiar and


Our innovation doesn’t stop there. We’re always seeking ways
to enhance our festivals and performances, from interactive installations and
shows to light displays that respond to movement and sound. We are pioneers in
creative light expressions, sharing this passion and joy with as many
enthusiastic visitors as possible.

Our scopes

Simulated animals

Lantern Festival

Christmas Lights

Customized Lanterns

Handicrafts & Asian Gourmet


Global presence of the Lantern Festival

Our work spans continents. While the lantern festival originated in China, we’ve played a role in spreading this tradition. From zoos in Germany and Belgium to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, we’ve had the privilege of illuminating the world with our creations. At each location, we learn, adapt our creations, and grow. Each culture offers new insights, stories, and inspirations.

We’re proud of our global footprint, but we’ll never forget our roots and the tradition from which we emerged. This balance between global and local encapsulates our vision.

Sustainability at the forefront

In an era where sustainability is paramount, we make our contribution. Part of our ongoing innovation is implementing sustainability initiatives. We’ve switched to energy-saving bulbs and adjusted the timings of our events to further conserve energy. In this way, we guarantee an eco-friendly lantern festival without compromising the magical experience.

Choose magic

Dive into the magic! Want to witness this enchantment in your community or organization? Discover the bespoke possibilities of a Lantern Festival tailored just for you and get in touch with us.


With us, light is central, in every sense of the word. Let us illuminate your world and the worlds of those around you.