Luminous light festival

Reimagining an age-old luminary tradition

Picture a world where evening skies dance with colors from all spectrums, narrating stories that have been whispered through time. This is the allure of a Light Festival. Such events, deeply rooted in history, have always symbolized unity, community, and the dispelling of darkness. With China Light, we harness the soul of this luminary tradition and infuse it with a dash of modernity.

Illuminations: Tracing back to their roots

Historically, light festivals were avenues to cast away shadows, beckon fortune, and herald prosperity. Embracing traditions, people would use lanterns and candles, turning night into a canvas of dreams and shared happiness.


Fast forward to today, a light festival illuminates with more than just candles and lanterns. Modern designs incorporate iron, LED technology, and innovative materials, crafting experiences that are both nostalgic and breathtaking. Our goal? Keep the heartbeat of the traditional light festival alive while introducing cutting-edge brilliance.

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Lighting up tomorrow with today's light festival

Our ethos revolves around marrying tradition with the present. While we anchor our designs in the classic essence of light festivals, we’re not afraid to experiment. From integrating contemporary themes to employing state-of-the-art lighting techniques, we craft an experience that’s both time-honored and groundbreaking.


And our quest for innovation is relentless. We continually explore avenues to elevate our shows, from immersive installations to dynamic light displays synced with sound and movement. In the realm of luminous artistry, we’re not just participants; we’re trailblazers.

Our scopes

Simulated animals

Lantern Festival

Christmas Lights

Customized Lanterns

Handicrafts & Asian Gourmet


From one corner to the rest of the world

The magic of a light festival, though originating in the heartlands of China, knows no borders. Our luminary journey has touched corners from European zoos to grand museums in Paris. Every new location enriches us, teaching, inspiring, and fueling our creativity.


While our beams reach global skies, our foundation remains steadfast in our origins. This intricate dance between the worldwide and the intimate forms the crux of our ethos.

Shining responsibly

In a world increasingly conscious of its footprint, we’re committed to responsible luminosity. Our innovations extend to sustainability, with energy-saving bulbs and event timings optimized for energy conservation. Attend a China Light Festival, and you’re not just witnessing magic; you’re supporting a sustainable, eco-conscious spectacle.

Embrace the radiance

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation. Interested in bringing this mesmerizing experience to your community or organization? Explore the endless possibilities of a bespoke Light Festival with China Light.


With China Light, it’s not just about illumination. It’s about enlightenment. Let us be the beacon that guides you and your community into a world of wonder.