Illuminating challenges with bright solutions

Organizing light festivals often presents us with challenges that test our creativity, perseverance, and ability to collaboratively think in solutions rather than problems. We see each problem as an opportunity to grow and to show our partners that we are more than just event organizers. We are problem-solvers, storytellers, and builders of bridges between generations. Continue reading this blog post for a few examples where our resilience and innovation shone brightly.

Confusion at Customs

When we shipped five containers of materials from China to Halle, Germany, an unexpected hurdle arose: customs didn’t understand our products or its use or purpose. Despite thorough inspections by German customs, confusion prevailed. Yet, we were not deterred, because we needed these materials to create a magical light festival. Our team prepared a detailed product list, along with safety reports and an introduction to their background.

Culture and Communication

We highlighted the cultural history and uniqueness, also sharing promotional material and photos of the installed light sets to further clarify the need for these materials. Our persistence and clarity paid off, as the issue was ultimately successfully resolved. We view this as a lesson in patience, perseverance, and the power of clear communication. This is something we wholeheartedly provide for all our customers, because we are proud of what we do and wish to share with those willing.

Building Grand Creations

Another colossal challenge awaited us once the materials had arrived in Halle, as we planned to construct an epic hexagonal castle. It was over 10 meters high and over 10 meters wide, but our team was able to seamlessly cooperate, completing the entire hoisting in about two hours. This was half the time our partner had expected, even when we had added additional diagonal braces to enhance the castle’s stability.

Collaboration and Innovation

Yet, continuous rain and snow, coupled with low temperatures, significantly impacted the fabric application on the wet and cold framework. In an effort to solve this problem, we actively communicated with the park, and rented several hot air machines. Even more so, we covered the entire structure with tarpaulin as to create a semi-enclosed space, enabling fabric installation away from the unfortunate weather conditions.

In order to prevent snow from damaging our lights sets’ surfaces, we also installed anti-freeze cables in the ceiling of the castle. This was a pro-active measure against potential safety hazards due to snowfall. This experience reinforced our commitment to providing high-level problem-solving approaches for our clients, so that the clientele can fully enjoy our light festival the way they were intended.

Weathering storms

Snow hasn’t been the only extreme weather condition we have had to face. Storm Ciaran uprooted over 70 trees in the Terres de Nataé Zoo, led to some of the animals escaping, and damaged several light units. While the park mobilized all employees and social resources for animal retrieval and park repairs, we simultaneously marshaled all available personnel, swiftly repairing all the light sets. Remarkably and wonderfully, through collaboration with the park and our other partners, the festival could be reopened only 15 days after the storm had hit. This further demonstrated our ability to not only pro-actively provide measures against possible weather safety hazards, but also to respond rapidly to unforeseen circumstances. This highlights our dedication to overcome any obstacle, no matter what form it takes.

At China Light Festival, we are proud to illuminate the night with our dazzling light displays. Even more so, we are proud to say we light up the path through challenges, using innovative solutions and unwavering determination. Each hurdle we overcome strengthens our resolve to deliver spectacular experiences to our audience. This proves that even in the seemingly darkest of times, our lights can shine the brightest.