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light festival

China Light Festival is a premium service provider for world-class lantern and light festivals. We organize beautiful light displays, festivals, and exhibits in zoos, botanical gardens, fairgrounds, and other venues around the world.

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Lantern festivals

Using various new themes and modern lighting techniques, we combine this ancient tradition of lantern making with new creative ideas to ensure each festival is always entertaining. We are also equipped to create these festivals in a wide variety of locations and venues, tailor-made to suit your organization’s needs.

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Themed lantern decorations

We specialize in creating festivals that are fully themed to echo the values of your organization, particularly focusing on themes like sustainability and the animal kingdom. Imagine a festival that brings to life the wonders of wildlife or one that emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly practices. Our team expertly crafts every aspect of these festivals, from lanterns shaped like endangered species to lighting that mimics natural environments, all designed to align with your organization’s commitment to these vital causes. This tailored approach ensures that your event not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

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